A day on the farm..

January 25, 2012 § 2 Comments

An average day for yours truly is whittled away easily with several hours spent boiling the kettle, sitting around speculating wildly about the health benefits of eating basically anything you can find rotting away on the shore and doing some good old needlework.

However sometimes we are lucky enough to be dragged out of this microcosm by genuine visits from real people.

And today is such a day !

Lachlan MacLean (our resident farmer and hero) is coming up to treat the sheep for liver disease.  A preventative measure I believe to stop them developing an ailment of the liver resulting in sudden death with no apparent clinical signs.

I watch as the story plays out..with rapt attention.  It really is a thrill to watch… I have possibly been here too long and am suffering from the ‘island effect’.  My brother Charlie cautioned me when we moved here to watch out for the following danger signs manifesting in Ian: ‘dramatic slowing of pace, staring out to sea for long periods, listening out for the shipping forecast and becoming a fan of the Archers’…

As far as I know Lachlan and co. are immune to the island effect and have come to do an honest day’s work.  The routine is pretty consistent:

1. Arrival of dogs – followed by swift but thorough defecation of the premises.

2. Arrival of Jimmy –  I HEART Jimmy.

Jimmy is famed for having displayed L plates on his motorcycle for the last 30 years, not having seen any particular need to take his test at any point – but why would you up here ?!  He also possesses a sharp wit and is known for his heroic strength – he can carry about 8 sheep at a time..well according to my mum anyway.  A sort of modern day Mulloch Popeye.

3.  Arrival of Lachlan – The monarch of the Glen (as named by sweet Franny)

Lachlan is a certified charmer, witty raconteur, sheepdog whisperer and general celeb in these parts.

4. Arrival of Lachlan’s brother – Donald.

I do not know Donald very well…but I do know that he is 1 x cool cat.  Even if we are just speaking from a style perspective – I get and dig his outfit.

As the sheep are herded, gathered and administered their medicine I discover the following acute points:

Sheepdogs love sheep.
Sheep love Jimmy.
Sheep do not love Donald (for the duration of these pics).

and Lachlan loves sheepdogs.

I would not think that this could possibly get any cuter…but it does.

Lachlan has customised his quad bike to accommodate a pup …in this case 2 sitting comfortably in their rickshaw with 1 spectator.

but now 3…slightly cramped pooches…with Cap (Jimmy’s sheepdog) looking on with a touch of the green eye.

The end.  It has been an ultimately cute day.


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